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Keeping Hope Alive.

This is a former quiz community that was gifted to me back
when I was a Full Tilt Boogie QUIZ ADDICT ! =)

Recently Quizzes are only a haven for stressed out students
looking for a stress reliever outside of their
studies,personal relationships,and family,IMHO.

That's just not me any more,sorry.

I put the name, FIGHT BOREDOM! up here
with a horrific graphic for many years to signify a

This weekend,Memorial Day Weekend in the USA,
is time for a greater battle to:

Will you join me?

a bigg crappe, aunt noonie, aussies, baroque music, beards, beary bi-polar, biting your finger nails, bored, boredom, bread, buddhism, butterflies, cat stevens, chocoholics, chocolate, christopagans, chubby chasers, chubby dudes, chubs, communities, crystals, cubs, cybearfriends, dragons, elias boudinot, ennui, fairies, fantasy, fat admirers, fat dyke, fat dykes, fat liberation, fat rights, feet, felines, fesbian lemonists, fighting boredom, france, friendship circles, fun, geeks, gladys valentine barlow, goo fave, gourmet food, graphics, harry potter, hippies, hope, horned god, hunks, i am bored, icons, insane, insects, italian food, janice libby, jesus, jewel, john edwards, karen stimson, kermit, killing time, kitties, kiwis, launchcast, librarians, lightworkers, limericks, long beards, love, lucy grey black stimson, luna, mania, mary peacock walker, mary walker edwards, miniature teddy bears, miss piggy, mlle landry, modern art, monogamy, music trends, nature, new age, new age christians, new age music, nuts, nutz, ocd, odds and ends, old movies, online quizzes, online tests, otters, peace, people of size, personality tests, photography, polar bears, prayer, prayer warriors, queer, quiz, quizzes, rain, randomness, relaxation, remote healing, rev. bear, richard k. stimson, richard stimson, rivers, rubenesque, rugrats, sacred texts, scripture, scromularity, size esteem, smooth jazz, spiders, spirit guides, stamps, star trek, stonehenge, stream of consciousness, sugar dance, super bbws, surrealism, synchronicity, taoism, teddy bears, tests, the carpenters, the swedish chef, tim mcgraw, time, time wasters, time wasting, totem animals, trannies, uncle pat, unicorns, vibes, wasting your time, weather, weirdness, wicca, william kent stimson, ♀♀, ♀♂, ♂♂

Social capital

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