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Coccoon !


Richard "Bear" here.

I saw a Coccoon on one of
Our Azalea Bushes in our Front Yard
Right Next To The Driveway!

It was Fairly Large.

The Monarch Butterflies Return En Masse
In Early August 2014
Here In Orange,Connecticut,
New England,USA.

Orange-Margined Blue Butterfly.
Photo By Dexter Sear.
Used With Permission.



Hogs and Quiches,

Rev. Bear

Music,Photography,Beards ! ! !

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Greetings !

Richard "Bear" here.

Music That I LOVE ! ! !
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Thank you for Reading ALL This ! :o)

Sending flocks of angels . . .


Rev. Bear

Tags To Share

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Tags To Share

Thank You,Good Morning,Good Afternoon,Good Evening,Good Night,Sweet

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Monday Clothes

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DSCI0080 DSCI0082 DSCI0081

Plaid 100% Cotton Flannel Vest
Outdors In California
Made In Jordan.

Plaid 100% Cotton Elastic Waist Pants
Calvin Klein
Made In Philippines.

Sunday Undies Week Two

Sharing Tea

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Bear aka Richard here.

Made it past another Midnight to Afternoon.

*Have a mug of tea with me ! ! !*

I have a wide variety of Bigelow's Teas
In the Bentley's Chocolates of London Tin
That I carry in my tote bag
And keep on My Computer Desk at Home.

Also Uncle Lee's Green Tea Have I.

Lipton's Caffeine Free Peppermint Tea
Cleared Up My Allergies !

Y*E*S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rev. Bear

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Dancing With Jesus

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DSCI0075 rot right RS DSCI0076 RS rot rt DSCI0077

Saw my first butterfly of the season ! ! !
The underside of the butterfly's wings were brown.
It was maybe three feet away from me.
Stayed folded maybe five / ten minutes honoring me with its presence.
Then it spread its yellow wings and happily flittered towards our neighbors' yards
towards the landscaper's beautiful property at the end
of our quiet dead end street
in Orange,Connecticut,New England,USA.

Crackling Campfire (10 minutes!)

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Ten Real Time Minutes Near A Lake.